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Behind the Brand

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly symbolizes happiness; new beginnings; hope; change and transformation; adaptability; joy, lightness of being; and self-realization. Dragonflies bring out the lightness and joy in our life or perhaps makes us become more grateful for the lightness and joy we already have. Change comes with maturity and our ability to see the deeper meaning in life.

When we started designing Itty Bitty Co., we wanted everybody to connect to the brand. We wanted to grow, change, and adapt with our customers. The Dragonfly is the perfect symbol for our brand. We want to bring happiness to our customers and hope to future generations with our unique and special designs.
When you purchase any Dragonfly print item, you are expressing and acknowledging the changes, joys, and new beginnings in life (ie. your newborn baby). We stand behind each of our products in our collection, providing the highest quality products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We hope you enjoy our shop as much as we do.

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